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How to Change Username On Fiverr – Update Account Details of Fiverr

If you think that you have skills that are useful for others, then there are chances to make money from them. Sites like Fiverr can help you to get different projects according to your skill type for your free time. Using such platforms will give you full flexibility and permission to choose your own working hours and rates. You can take as many freelancing projects as you want and complete them whenever it is convenient for you. You can fix or change your fees according to your work type and complexity.

How to Change Username On Fiver?

The Concept of Fiverr

Concept of Fiverr

It is simple to work or get a job done from Fiverr. First, you need to register on Fiverr and make a profile writing about your key skills and features. Once you make a portfolio and make it public, you will start getting different projects. Each project and Gig will get a minimum of $5 each time you work for someone. You can change the price according to your seniority and work experience in that particular field.

Sites like Fiverr are essential to generate a decent side income for yourself, just by utilizing your free time. Being a skilled worker, you can charge from $5 to $995 according to the difficulty level of your projects. If you can convince your client to pay you more, then the money is all yours. Here, you need to create a package of your services such as Basic, Standard, and Premium packages.

Why is the Fiverr Username Important?

Before going into details of changing the username, let’s take a quick look and understand why a professional brand name is vital for your company. Well, you may take it lightly, but a name has the ability to make or break the entire image of your business. It is the first thing your client is going to notice even before explaining the idea or model. So, the name should be short but unique so that it can put a stamp on the clients’ heads.

Not only that, many professionals can judge your business from your username. For example, if your username is ‘Social Media Strategist,’ people will automatically understand which type of services you provide. But, if you write ‘Content Writer’ and are actually able to give facilities regarding designing or marketing, it will not look appropriate. So, it is essential to provide extra attention to the username.

Fiverr Username

How to Change Username On Fiverr

Step 1: Log in to the Fiverr account with your old username and password.

Step 2: Click on your profile picture from the homepage of Fiverr.

Step 3: Choose “Settings” and find the “Account Deactivation Area.”

Step 4: Select a reason for leaving Fiverr or deactivation of your account. 

(Here, in this case, you want to change the username and not want to leave Fiverr entirely, so you can select the option stating, “I want to change my Username.”)

Step 5: Click on “Deactivate Account.”

Step 6: Check your Gmail. There will be one mail, confirming the account deactivation.

Step 7: Again, go to the Fiver Homepage.

Step 8: Click on “Join Now.”

Step 9: Create a new Fiverr account with the fresh username you want to keep.

Things to Remember Before Changing the Username or Deactivating the Account for Any Reason

  • If you have funds in your account, first, you have to withdraw them. Once they are with you, you can proceed further and deactivate your account.
  • If you only want to change the username along with your email address, then first you need to change it on your existing account.
  • Click on your profile picture and go to the Settings. Update the email field and Save the updated email address.
  • Once you have closed your account, you can now create a new account using the new email address.
  • If your details always get varified via SMS, then you will get an SMS phone code for any changes in your current information. You need to enter it into the verification box on the Settings page.

It is essential to have a catchy username. It should be related to your personal name or niche. Also, it is not preferable to have two Fiverr accounts for the same user. One of the two accounts must be deactivated if you are not using it. If you find the information in this article useful, kindly share it with other friends who need it. Happy selling. 🙂

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