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How to check & Download PayPal Transaction History : Get Very Old Data

PayPal has been the trusted source for doing transactions safely for various platforms. Be it eBay, Amazon, or any other E-commerce site, PayPal has been an ideal medium to make the hassle-free payments. For using PayPal, the user has to create an account on its site and add the credit cards or debit cards. Many users, after using this medium for payment, often forget about the transactions they have made so far. It is essential to keep the record of PayPal transaction history to know the transactions and keep the check on them.

How to check & Download PayPal Transaction History?

Recordkeeping of such history is essential for sellers using this medium to accept the payments. A lot of times, eBay sellers struggle to find their history for the past months, which can be problematic. But here is some good news! PayPal offers and allows all its users to check their transactions and also download the records for both buying and selling. These records are available in either quarterly or monthly format, depending upon the number of entries.

To help you in downloading your PayPal transaction history, I have described a step-by-step procedure. Go through this easy process and get the history for all your transactions.

  1. The first step is to log in to your PayPal account. Go to the section of My Activity given at the top of the page.
  2. Choose the option of history further clicking on it and then navigate to the option of Download History
  3. Here you also get an option to view the transactions from the date you want to see the transactions from by clicking on the Customizable Download fields. This link appears and opens on the right of the Download History page.Download History
  4. This customizable field link provides the choice of selecting a file type and fields that you would like to include in your transaction history.
  5. Now the history is displayed based on the input values. Click on the Save option to save any changes that you have made to this page or return to the Download History page by clicking on Cancel.
  6. Sort the transactions according to the date, type and field by formatting and filling the details in the given space.
  7. Select the date range and file type along with other options on the Download History page to display all the desired transactions.
  8. Now for downloading this history select the Download History button for the requested transactions and voila you are done.

You can save and download this file for keeping it as records for the transactions. Many states ask for providing proof of the business done in the financial year. You can prove the same by providing these transactions of PayPal. It is better to keep monthly records to avoid the mess by the end of the year. If you use PayPal quite frequently for your business, then make it a point to download the transaction history monthly. Unlike the other modes of payment, PayPal is safe and allows you to have access to your transactions when required.

You can customize and sort the transactions depending upon your requirements and keep them in your records. The best feature of using PayPal is that you can download the reports in whichever format you like. You can edit the comma-delimited files with ease in Microsoft Word or Excel.

Now you might be wondering how long does PayPal keeps the records. Well, here is the answer that might shock you but you can actually view all your transactions in history. You can find your PayPal history older than three years by selecting the year and customizing the fields. In short, you can find all your transactions in your account’s history itself.

Concluding Remarks

It is quite convenient and easy for one and all to find their PayPal transaction history. Once you follow the procedure for getting the transaction history, you are able to remember it for the next time. Apart from sellers, it is also great for regular buyers and PayPal users to get their records from the site. Recordkeeping is a good habit and also gives you the overall report of your finances. Download the monthly reports and also save the yearly report by the end of the financial year. 

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