Fiverr Vs UpWork Vs Elance Vs Freelancer – Outsourcing Sites Compared

For the employers who are looking for some quick work done online through temporary freelancers and the freelancers themselves looking for a better work matching with their potential, there is the best place available online, an outsourcing website. The outsourcing sites are the online services for hiring freelancers to make the online job work done. There are some popular outsourcing sites like Fiverr, UpWork, Elance, Freelancer, etc. Among all, these four are the top-most used and favorite among the worldwide users. So today we will see the difference of Fiverr Vs UpWork Vs Elance Vs Freelancer by checking their features and comparing them to find better suitable for you.

Features of Fiverr

  • Here, all jobs are listed on the basic price of $5
  • All kind of online jobs which can be done by the freelancers are available here
  • Secure payment options
  • Sometimes coupons are available to get the job done at reasonable rates

Features of UpWork

  • It has the most categories of different types of jobs listed
  • Different payment options like PayPal, credit card, or bank account
  • Great for businesses
  • Coupons are available for UpWork also

Features of Elance

  • More than three million freelancers listed
  • It consumes lowest freelancing hiring fees
  • Coupons available

Features of Freelancer

  • It has the most number of jobs posted for the freelancers
  • Every second, new jobs are updated
  • Customized filters to get the exact job you want or give

These were the short features of the top four outsourcing sites, let’s check their difference by taking one on one.

Fiverr Vs UpWork

With over 100 categories and about 3 million jobs posted, Fiverr is one of largest online marketplaces. Whether you are a freelancer or a business owner, you will get your work done and get payment for it. The main job categories include Online Marketing, Programming, and Tech, Writing and Translation, Graphic and Design, etc. In Fiverr, you will see the subcategories in each of the main categories. You can also filter the jobs according to the freelancer level, language, delivery time, and other requirements. Once you have successfully completed the job, the payment is made in your Fiverr account. After cutting the service fees of 20% by Fiverr and once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, you can get your money through PayPal.

UpWork began in 2014 with a commitment to providing best trusted online workplace for the freelancers and businesses. Companies can find freelancers according to their skills and freelancers can find their job according to the categories and price. Few of the job categories that can be found on UpWork are Design and Creative, IT and Networking, Accounting, Legal, Sales and Marketing, Writing, Translation, Administrative, etc. There are different types of jobs like short term, long term, individual or team based available here. You can make the payment through PayPal, credit card or directly to the bank account of the freelancer.

UpWork Vs Elance

Though the Elance and oDesk have been merged and called as UpWork, the Elance remained a separate entity which works under UpWork. So, there are some differences of Elance Vs UpWork outsourcing sites.

Elance takes the fees of 8.75% of your payment while UpWork takes 10%. It is not a huge difference for small amounts, but when you count it for hundreds of dollars, you can see a clear and significant gap. You can earn little bit more money from Elance than UpWork. Among both, Elance also has some more fixed-priced jobs means fewer negotiations. On the other hand, on UpWork, you will find more jobs paid by the hour.

Everyone has own preferences, so you can choose which is matching more with yours.

UpWork Vs Freelancer

UpWork and Freelancers both are among the world’s largest outsourcing marketplaces. Since the merger with Elance has drastically increased the use of UpWork among the global contractors and clients. On UpWork every freelancer needs to submit a cover letter, and the UpWork profile link and the contractors will start sending requirements according to their needs. A freelancer can also receive personalized recommendations too for better engagement.

Freelancer offers the highest numbers of online jobs on the market, but it is the interface which needs to be improved for a better user experience. Against the charge for every core feature on Freelancer, you will have to face lesser subscription infrastructure on UpWork. If you want to do regular full-time freelancing, then you can upgrade to the membership plans on freelancer which will be beneficial to you. Though the support portal is better on UpWork, you will get a better feature performance on the mobile app of

Fiverr Vs UpWork Vs Elance Vs Freelancer

Any outsourcing site you choose from above, it will provide an opportunity for the business owners who want to get their job done and to the freelancers who want to get paid by completing their tasks. The comparison of the Fiverr Vs UpWork Vs Elance Vs Freelancer states that the Fiverr has the cheapest basic job price of $5, the UpWork has the most categories listed to get a filtered job, the Elance has the lowest cutting fees of 8.75% and the Freelancer has the most number of jobs posted to give you a bigger span. All the sites will provide you various tools to manage your workflow easily and quickly in an optimized way.

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