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In this era of technology, it’s effortless to trade with the freelance marketplace. It plays an important role. As you know a market is where sellers and buyers come together, under one common platform, to do various type of businesses. Freelance marketplace is the same thing, but it trades the skills as well as time.Today, let me tell you something about one of the best freelancing site called KonKer. KonKer is like Fiverr. I am not sure whether you know what a Fiverr is! Most of the people would know but if it’s something new to you then let me explain it to you. Fiverr, and top sites like Fiverr (which also includes provide the benefits of multiple services for your websites, video sharing apps, social media, and things like these.

They help in the services like;

  • Digital marketing services,
  • SEO services,
  • Programming and tech services,
  • Graphic designing services,
  • Audio/video services,
  • Ranking videos & building links, etc.

You just think about any type of services, and you can get most of the contacts from here. People out there will do certain things for you starting at $5, and then they increase from there depending on the amount of work they do for you and various detail like that.

KonKer Review

Well, this site used to be a source market by Alex Becker, and since source market no longer exists, it is now called or referred to as for SEO and internet services. If you go over the various buttons, you can see the option of ‘Marketing.’ There you will see all the options which can help you just like you have imagined.

  • Web analytics and Web traffic management,
  • Domain research,
  • SEO and Social media marketing,
  • Content and Email marketing,
  • Video, Audio, or Mobile advertising,
  • SEM, Local listing,
  • Influencer marketing, etc.

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It also provides other internet services like Graphics & Designs which includes cartoons, logo designs, illustration, book covers, Photoshop editing, presentation design, 3D & 2D models, T-shirts, infographics, etc. SEO which includes all the work-related search engine optimization like backlinks, social signals, content creation, PBN links, keyword research, site creations, etc.

Apart from that, it gives the facilities of Tech and Programming like databases, converts files, desktop applications, data analysis, and reports, etc. ‘Audio’ which includes mixing & mastering, voice-overs, sound effects, singers, and songwriters, etc. And last but not the least, Videos with whiteboard, spokespersons, & testimonials, editing, and post-production, etc. Woah! One site and so many facilities. Isn’t it? Rates

Now, if you are confused about the rates, don’t be! Because all these things that you can do here start at $5 and then as I said, it will increase as per the work and the man who will do it. Moreover, all the payments go directly to the buyer, without paying any extra amount or interaction from the market.


The basic functionality of the site is the same, just like the other sites like Fiverr. It includes;

  1. You can go to this website and can sell your own services to people. There is a button ‘START SELLING’ on the upper right corner of the site.
  2. You can make money promoting and selling services so that you can encourage other people services.
  3. You can also get commission based on the things you promote.
  4. You can make money based on what you sell for your own gigs, and
  5. You can buy services for your own business or for your clients to help in improving various things on their website, without doing everything just on your own.

Before few years, when the website worked as the source market did not have these amount of options. There were no categories, and it was more just strictly focused on SEO, digital marketing, and PBN and stuff like that.


  • There are 50,000 sellers and buyers in the relatively small SEO niche, which means lots and lots of options to trade with!
  • Even the sellers’ fees are extremely low. Here, the charges are just 5% where ever other site takes 20%.
  • Buyers can have the excellent services and some of the best providers.
  • Sellers can get a broader marketplace and more customers with whom they can get a fair amount of profit.
  • Because of the popularity of the site, it is easier to drive traffic and get the affiliate earnings.

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Even after these many advantages, there are some complaints about by some of the users. Their opinions about KonKer is that there is no active support system. Sometimes, it gets difficult to submit the offer. Some customer also doubts that KonKer can be a scam. But as per my research, it is not! Even I have used it several times.

KonkerSo go, checkout, and see all that they have! You can sign up as an affiliated as well. And you can start making money, just by promoting these services to people that you may know or to your clients. Or you can also visit to use the facilities for your own business or your personal websites to improve its ranking in the search engines, social media, etc.

I hope now I make some sense, and you are able to take decisions regarding freelance marketplaces after reading this KonKer Review. Keep up good work and always be curious and keep exploring.

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