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Top Alternative Sites like Microworkers

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you were given money to do small tasks that you already like to do in your free time? We certainly think so. This is actually a trend that is catching up really fast among everyone these days. There are many people who have testified the advantages of earning money this unconventional method.

The best place to start any online assignment is a freelancing site, but most freelancing sites need you to have a high level of skill and experience. However, there are some sites like Microworkers which offer very small jobs online that can be completed by the beginners in the field too.

Today, Microworkers.com is among the most popular sites that allow you to perform small projects by yourself, without any fuss that comes from bidding on a project. To begin earning, you have to join Microworkers and start finishing your assigned tasks one after another. The allocated budget for most of the tasks is between $0.10 to $1.00. Additionally, there are Hire Group Jobs (or HG jobs) that pay you much more than your usual tasks. Once your earnings reach above $10, they will be sent to you in your PayPal or skrill account.

The jobs listed on Microworkers are extremely easy to do. You can quickly work on your assignment and submit it well before time. And if the clients receive excellent quality work, your reputation will increase, which will lead to greater chances of being hired by Hire Group Jobs. There are many sites like Microworkers that allow you to earn money easily and quickly while you do what you love to.

Best Alternative Sites Like Microworkers

1) Fiverr


  • Websites like Fiverr are also a great option for earning money by doing small projects.
  • In Fiverr, freelancers write about the services that they are capable of performing, highlighting their skills, and specifying the time required to complete a project.
  • For special projects, they are allowed to charge the client more and ask for more time.
  • Once you finish a task, it is the review in a day or two, and the feedback is sent back to you.
  • A Fiverr project takes much longer to complete, at least a day or two. This is because the projects are much larger and take more time to complete.
  • In Fiverr, the kind of projects that are in demand are designing projects such as graphic design, web design, animation; and editing projects such as photo editing, video editing, etc

2) Mturk.com


  • It is part of the giant e-commerce company called Amazon.
  • This site is known to have much more jobs as compared to Microworkers, making it a very suitable Microworkers alternative.
  • The budget allotted to different tasks varies from $0.10 to $10.00 in Mturk.
  • Once you complete a task,  you can get the payment for it via check, money transfer to your bank account, or loaded up as Amazon Pay Balance on your Amazon gift card.

3) Rapidworkers.com


  • This Microworkers alternative website will give you small tasks to do, and those jobs will give you a fee between $0.10 and $5.00 per project. Once your collective earnings exceed $4.00, you can withdraw them. However, withdrawal is only possible after paying a fee of 6%.
  • If you have completed a task satisfactorily, only then will, you will get your earnings for that task.
  • Any task present on this site takes 3 minutes or less to be completed.
  • This site has a very low withdrawal rate. However, you can place a withdrawal request if your balance is over $4.00, inclusive of the additional 6% fees.
  • Once you have placed a request, it takes seven days or less to process it. Withdrawal methods like Paypal, payza and direct bank account transfer are most commonly used for this site.
  • At Rapidworkers.com, you can earn very quickly after finishing short tasks, which is why the minimum payout is $4.
  • This site like Microworkers has replicated its dashboard from microworkers as well, making it easier to getting used to.

4) OneSpace


  • This site is another Microworks alternative where it’s possible to earn from projects a few times a week.
  • The kind of projects that are found here is similar to the tasks that are the post on many online small job sites-mainly transcription, web categorization, etc.
  • Small tasks such as tagging images, categorizing articles and images, transcripting articles, surveying, writing, etc. which don’t take much time and skills are the primary kinds of tasks available on this site.
  • OneSpace has no minimum limit to withdraw your earnings, which is a great point in its favor.
  • On this site, there are qualification tests present for different kinds of work such as quality assurance, copywriting, etc. Based on your area of interest, you give the qualification tests.
  • Once you start qualifying more tests in various job areas, you will become more eligible to start working across different categories of projects.
  • OneSpace has an active candidate and project presence in over 150 countries.
  • This site uses Paypal as its payment method, making it very easy for you to collect your earnings.

5) ClickWorker


  • They hire freelancers worldwide.
  • The kinds of projects include copywriting, researching, translating, writing, and other easier tasks.
  • Clickworker has been in this business since 2005 with 830000+ workers from over 100 countries working with them. This leaves little doubt that they are a genuine business.
  • As a clickworker, you work independently on your hours and with an assignment of your interest.
  • Easy projects such as categorizing and classifying pictures don’t require any skills or qualifications so anyone can complete such tasks.
  • This Microworks alternative site also contains many varieties of tasks that need special skills for successful execution. To work on such tasks, there are assessments given on the site that will test your prowess in a particular field. Once you qualify those assessments, you are cleared to work on projects of that unique skill.

6) Shorttask.com

short-task-logo (1)

    • This website has also been a very popular site in the field of online mini jobs.
    • This Microworkers alternative shares some common elements with Microworkers itself.
    • Shorttask is one of the simplest, no-fuss “Get Paid To” (GPT) websites that pay you for doing small jobs online anytime.
    • There are over 600 accessible tasks to be completed at Shorttask at the moment we are writing this article! You can simply login and begin working to reap your earnings.
    • One advantage of Shorttask as compared to other GPT websites is- with Shorttask, you don’t have to own a high pagerank website before you begin to earn. Shorttask gives you a lot of scope to earn with them.

These are some of the most genuine Microworkers alternative websites available in the market today. So get working and keep earning!

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