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How to Make $50 a Day on MTurk: Earn More with these MTurk tips

MTurk of Mechanical Turk from Amazon is heaven for freelancers. The crowdsource program gets you to perform tasks in return for payment. Each task or hit has a specific price tag, and you can take it up if you are interested, skilled, and okay with the amount on offer. You can choose to be paid in cash or through Amazon gift cards based on your convenience.

This amazing program from Amazon has helped many people from across the world to earn bucks while engaging in tasks that they can perform with ease. It has a big user base that’s growing by the day, and you can easily earn more than $50 a day provided you are smart and know how to work your way towards that goal.

How to Make $50 a Day on MTurk

To help you with exactly that, we have come up with a comprehensive guide on how to make $50 a day on MTurk.

1. Stay informed about what’s going on

There are plenty of forums online such as MTurk Forum that will keep you updated on what’s happening. You will also read about experiences that other users share. This will give you plenty of insights that will further help you tweak your approach.

This will help you keep away from scammers and the bad aspects of MTurk because you will know what to encourage and what not to.

2. Don’t settle for extremely low hits

Unless you are extremely desperate, have a lot of time at hand, and the hits look like fun, we recommend that you stay away from low hits. Each hit should at least be able to fetch 10 to 15 cents. Otherwise, it is not worth wasting your time collecting pennies.

3. Keep away from scams

We know that many people have fallen prey to scams on MTurk, losing money as a result. You can avoid that by going through reviews the ratings. Scammed users give them negative ratings, and that will help you stay away from them no matter how lucrative their bid is.

4. Build your profile and build trust

Remember that reviews work two-ways. Requesters will see your reviews and decide if they can trust you. If there are few or negative reviews, they may choose someone else. Reliable requesters almost always go with workers with higher hits.

We understand this is a long, time-taking process but over time, you will thank your stars that you were patient enough to get to a point where requesters choose you over the others easily.

5. Take a few surveys

MTurk has quite a few interesting surveys that pay well. You could take a couple now and then to increase your income. Some surveys pay around $1, and if you find those, you are in for some big bucks within minutes! A survey does not take more than 10 minutes.

Here, again, you should be careful about scams. An obvious red flag is a survey that revolves around personal details. Keep away from them!

6. Make full use of the Search option

Through the search option, you can find well-paying reliable hits quickly. Don’t waste your time – use search and narrow down your choices.

7. Stay patient

Like we mentioned earlier, patience is key. You may have off days but giving up is not an option. You should always focus on building your profile by doing a good job on the hits you receive. Slowly, once your profile is strong and you implement the tips given here, your earnings will go up and stay steady.

Whether it is MTurk or any other website, you should keep in mind that things that are super good are probably a scam. Life is not a bed of roses unless we work towards it with patience. If you get a remarkable hit, be very careful to assess it completely before accepting it.

MTurk is among the most popular crowdsourcing sites in the world for a good reason. Make the most out of it by being mindful, patient, and smart.

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