Microworkers Reviews – Is it Legit or a Scam

If you are an internet geek, you must know about and some other sites like that. But, nowadays with the increasing scams at the online market, many people have a question – ‘Is Microworkers legit or scam?’ So, we are presenting Microworkers review in this article. First, let us give a brief introduction about Microworkers for our new readers.

Microworkers Reviews is a website which provides some part-time or freelancing jobs to the people who want to earn some extra money by working from home. The assignments given by this site are not the big ones, but sufficient if you’re going to gain your or your business’ popularity on the internet. can also be an excellent option for advertisement. Because of its better network, many people join Microworkers nowadays, and so it has achieved the rank of 23000 around the world.

Is Microworkers Legit?

As per our research, we have found out that yes, is safe and legit. To understand the whole process, our team started accepting the job offers of Microworkers. And we got the payments on time. So yes, it is legit. There are a lot of people connected with Microworkers.

The work which you submit will be checked within 7 days, and money will be transferred to your linked account. It is one excellent source to make money quickly. Moreover, this site is acceptable in all countries. So yes, it is safe.

Now, as you trust us saying that is legit, it is our responsibility to give some information regarding issues related to this site. Just like every coin has two sides, this site also has its own set of pros and cons. Let’s discuss all of them one by one!


  • Easy Navigation: You can quickly browse everything with its attractive arrangement, which is highly professional.
  • Advance Offer: This site gives $1 into the Microworkers account when you just create your account.
  • More Payment: This site provides better payment compared to other sites like
  • Successful Worker’s Proportion: Here you can find out the ratio of the people, who have completed their job successfully in the past.
  • Convenience: The payments made by Microworkers directly go to the PayPal account, which can be accessible for some other sites like eBay or you can also link that account to your bank account as per your convenience.


  • Job Availability: There are very few jobs available on if you compare this site to other same alike sites. You may also feel that there are no new notifications except the old ones hanging for days!
  • Time Consuming Jobs: We found out that there are very few jobs available like a short survey or writing a small article or review a product, which consumes less time and pays just 1 or 2 dollars.
  • Delayed Payments: As discussed, Microworkers make payments to your PayPal account. This transaction may take weeks.
  • Minimum Withdrawal Rate: One of the significant disadvantages of this site is that you cannot withdraw the amount until it reaches to $10. Here, $10 is the minimum withdrawal rate.

Making Money From Microworkers

If you want, you can quickly earn money by working just for an hour a day, but with consistency. The site provides small jobs, and thus, they make payment of the small amount. But if you work a day for let’s say 100 days, and then you can earn a lot just by putting small efforts every day.

As per our theory, you can get $2 to $3 for an hour. And by earning such amount each single day as your extra income, you can do well in life. Just try to give quality content always.

Just like this, when you reach to the minimum balance of $10, you can withdraw your money. There are many options available, which you can use to link Microworker account like PayPal, MoneyBrokers, Dwolla, etc. We prefer PayPal. Its fee is 7.5%.

For the first withdrawal, you may have to wait for more than one month. The reason being is that the site sends a letter containing one pin to the address you have given in the account information. This badge must be put on your account of Microworkers to get the payment. After this process, it takes 2 to 4 days, and you will be paid.

What to do to earn more by

If you want to earn more from the site, you have to spend more hours working for the same. It is the simple rule for all time. Apart from that, if you have your blog page, you can earn a lot! How? Read further.

Some people want to market or advertise their products on your blog. They will ask you to write a blog about the same for your blog page and for that, they will pay you extra around $2 to $3. Isn’t it great?

If you write 4 to 5 small blogs a day, then your job is done! So for what you are waiting for? If you don’t have your blog page; go and create one!

So, after studying all these things, it is confirmed that is legit. Stay tuned for other exciting articles regarding and fun tips to earn more money without giving many efforts.


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