Jobs for People with Social Anxiety Disorder or Depression

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a most common disorder related to the stress. It is quite normal for the age of 11 to 21 years, but if not controlled, it may cause depressive illness. It is also known as social phobia. It is probably one of the worst diseases ever as there are two extremes – two sides of a coin! On the one hand, you don’t want to be social or meet new people, and on the contrary, you feel lonely many of the times. Sometimes, they want to express themselves but can’t, as they don’t have words to convey. Such people are being confused and completely messed up, and that is also one of the primary reason why they avoid public appearances.

To be busy and earn something for a living is essential, but being happy and comfortable is much more important. Individuals who are suffering from SAD must choose some best careers for them according to their current state of mind. We have heard many times that one should always do what he/she loves to do, and so, people with anxiety must choose their jobs just by themselves, in which they find happiness. After doing a lot of research, here we are trying to give some of the best ideas of jobs for people with social anxiety.

Jobs for people with anxiety

1) Writer

If someone is dealing with anxiety or depression, this is the most suitable job he/she can do! How? Let us explain…

As the individuals who are suffering from the social anxiety unable to express their views in front of someone, this is the perfect way of expression. As the writers have to read a lot, their mind never gets free for any negative thoughts. In fact, they feel positive.

Moreover, because of all such writings on the different topics, they may feel knowledgeable and responsible. They may believe that with the help of their thoughts and words, they can make a difference.

One another plus point is that there is no need to get away from the comfort zone as one can write anywhere. Being a writer, you can earn quite a good amount of money too. There are a few sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. where you can create gigs to write for different websites, people, and can earn money easily and quickly.

2) Landscaper

Do not shock; you read it right! A person who is dealing with anxiety or depression can be an amazing landscaper. As an anxious person, he/she wants some jobs where there is minimum noise, or where he/she doesn’t need to interact with many people and which is less stressful. Landscaping can fulfill all these wishes.

Gardening will help you to refresh yourself from the boring office environment. The refreshing breeze of outdoor gardens and sweet soil adore can make you positive about life! Plants and trees are always an amazing way to distress yourself from all the worries.

3) Artist

Everyone, in this beautiful world, is an artist in one or other way. Anyone can choose art as a profession. Earning a living as an artist is a tough task though, as there is a lot of struggle to find out your art which can interest you the most! But once decided, your passion and compassion will make you the world’s richest person… in terms of happiness and satisfaction!

Art will amaze you like no other profession can! You can do anything – graphic designing, painting, dancing, acting, crafting, baking, whatever you term as art! Yes, as it is quite risky, we do not suggest that one should leave everything and start the following art. One step at a time! Make your hobbies a part time profession initially and find peace.

4) Dog Trainer / Animal Care

If you love animals, especially dogs, being a dog trainer would be an excellent job for you. Here, in this kind of employment, you will be saved to interact with other people. You just need to deal with the dogs, (or some other pets) and that’s it! You can also be a vet technician, zoo keeper or helper, etc.

The study shows that there are many breeds which can help you to get rid of the feeling of loneliness and depression. So if you are ready for some basic training, in the beginning, it can be a significant investment of your life as you can pursue this career and earn well without much stress.

5) Chef / Cook

This is an inside job. That means you don’t need to be around the people all the time and interact with others. You just need to find and follow some delicious recipes and cook the food.

This is also the best way to decrease the depression. Research says that whenever a person is anxious/depressed, he/she should start cooking. It distracts the mind from the current situation and creates some feel-good situations.

6) Computer programmer

This profession can keep you far far away from the people. It also can keep you busy. You will not get much time to stress about unwanted stuff. Mainly it is related to handling the software, and most of the thing will work out online, so there are less pressure and no human interactions.

It gives you flexibility. If you want to work for late hours, you can! Either you want to work from home or in some café, you are allowed to do that. You just need to follow the deadlines, and there you go! No matter what your age is as even after getting such benefits, you can easily earn money as a 13 year old. You can do this by just being a good programmer.

7) Entrepreneur

Being an introvert or socially anxious, you still can be a successful businessman. Here, you can follow your own set of schedules, just by taking care of your duties. Moreover, you will be having total control over your activities, and there is no one to whom you are answerable! Isn’t it feel great?

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to take care of your clients and customers. If that is also stressful for you, hiring some person for that is also can be a good choice. You can be just a strategist and backbone of your company.

So these are the jobs for people with social anxiety. There are also some other types of stressful situations apart from anxiety or depression, like GAD i.e. Anxiety of a generalized nature. Such people are suffering from excessive worries and can’t focus on day to day life events. They worry about family, work, health, money, and lots more at the same time.

It is quite complicated disease as even the people who are suffering from it can also don’t understand what is going wrong! If one person is suffering from GAD and the anxiety is just a byproduct, then they should consider these options of good jobs;

  • Geographer,
  • Dietician / Nutritionist,
  • Home inspector,
  • Forensic science technician,
  • Architecture / Civil drafter,
  • Private investigator,
  • Delivery person,
  • Massage therapist,
  • Fitness trainer, etc.

Anti-social Tip: Do not do any activity which can make you famous or public icon. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop growing. It is like you should avoid the jobs like Police, Teacher, Cashier, Wait-staff, Politician, Salesperson, Manager, or Actor/performer if you have an anxiety disorder.

Friends, if you or anyone around you are depressed or socially anxious, never hesitate to share that feeling with others. It is imperative to speak out loud regarding these issues, and it is completely OKAY!

It is essential to stay busy in some calm and peaceful environment. If you have any symptoms of depression, do what you love the most. Just don’t allow yourself to be sad! Don’t let your brain to control you! Be happy, stay healthy, and NEVER GIVE UP. All the best… You can do and even win!

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