Peopleperhour Reviews: Is it Legit or a Scam?

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You must be aware of the freelance sites like Upwork,, PeoplePerHour and many more. All these places provide freelance work to freelancers. Are you interested in having in-depth information about the freelance site? Today, I will provide the Peopleperhour review as well as show you full details of its working which will help you to decide whether it is legit or a scam.

Here I will provide you the profound PeoplePerHour reviews so that you can make out whether this site is legitimate or a scam. So let’s proceed to have insight knowledge and understanding of the same.

Peopleperhour Review

What do you mean by PeoplePerHour?

PeoplePerHour is a freelance platform that provides work in various types of categories. This website is UK based. Xenios Thrasyvoulou founded this site in 2007. The freelance experts avail dealings belonging to different fields on this online website.

In what way does PeoplePerHour work?

It works in two ways- either on the site, the jobs can be posted by the industries or buyers on which the freelancers can apply, or the other way is that freelancers are free to ask by posting the services to which they are associated. The term “Hourlies” is used for these services in which our workers mention their cost of work too.

If you would like to work as a freelancer, then on this site you will get different types of job opportunities in the field of administration, Software Development and IT, Web and logo design, digital marketing, translation, writing, social media, mobile app development, SEO, and much more. Isn’t it luring for the suppliers as almost all service areas are available on one common platform?

PeoplePerHour work

How PeoplePerHour makes financial dealings?

There is an Escrow account in which the buyers manage the down payment whenever they post a job. If supplier found the posted job interested, then they offer the proposal to the same. The invoicing and work stream features within the website allow users to contact each other utilizing messaging. On the completion of the task, the payments are made to the provider’s account automatically.

PeoplePerHour deals with the wide variety of currencies as it is connected with the international market. The payment is transferred to the PayPal or in a bank account which may take up to three days.

 What is the procedure of registration?

The registration process is quite simple, easy and open to all. On company’s website, you can register an account in which you have to furnish the information regarding job title, headshot, about me section and keyword based skills. It would be great if you upload the samples of your work which will help in discovering your capabilities.

With rates, you can state your specialized skills, or you can also mention the charges on the hourly basis.

procedure of registration

From the information as mentioned above, you can make out the role of PeoplePerHour. After discussing the necessary details on this site, let’s move on to the issue which indicates that whether this website is legit or a scam.

PeoplePerHour – genuine or cheat

No need to worry at all! For buyers and sellers, the PeoplePerHour serve as the entirely legitimate site. In a large number of categories, you can hunt the job openings. For sale, you can freely post your services.

The escrow account will provide security to your payment transactions. Per month certain amount of bids are offered to the user at free of cost. Make sure that the handling fee charges are levied on the payments received by the user.

You can make out that PeoplePerHour is a legit site on which you can carry out your work as a freelancer.

Now let’s talk about the benefits and shortcomings of PeoplePerHour.

Advantages of PeoplePerHour

  • The user will enjoy the payment protection, and in case they face any difficulty then the issue can be handled by the company with the help of dispute process.
  • You can earn as per your wish and convenience by choosing the amount of work and charges to be paid.
  • This legitimate site will allow you to take out your hard earned money securely.
  • Users can find the variety of occupations as it offers jobs in various fields.
  • Customers acknowledged that they had earned remarkable amount from this site. The positive feedback motivates other people.
  • As every aspect has two coins so after discussing the pros, I will share cons with you.

Disadvantages of PeoplePerHour

  • The user can find the site confusing in the starting.
  • It can miss specific categories of the job like translation task.
  • No idea how company tackles customer grievances and support issues.
  • It provides free bids in the limited amount. The cost of added blocks is not cited on the site.
  • You have to deal with handling fee along with the poor quality of customer support services.

By going through this informative article, you can assess the significance of PeoplePerHour. Just like PeoplePerHour, there is another site called – “Fiverr” that holds worthy features.

I will draw the comparison between PeoplePerHour vs. Fiverr so that you can make out the difference between the two.

PeoplePerHour vs Fiverr

Holds the quote based along with monthly and onetime payment. Enjoys free and onetime payment.
Deals in small and medium business, large enterprises along with freelancing opportunities. Provides opportunities in small business, large enterprises and medium business.
People who are experts in their field will find their place in this freelance market. The employer gets support in knowing the best talent for a project in this freelance service marketplace.
The pricing is by quote. Starts at $5.
By click of a button you will get the group of curated freelance talent that will work from remote areas. You will find safe and secure transactions and communications.
Serve as the purpose-driven business. 24/7 customer support service is available.
Check the payment in escrow. Clients have to pay first.

From this table, you can make out the essential differences between the top sites like Fiverr.

Is PeoplePerHour legit or scam?

PeoplePerHour supports users to find jobs of their taste from remote areas, and at the same time, it allows various companies to search suitable candidates for their work. Basically, it works as the marketplace for the buyer and the seller. It is linked to the small and medium type of businesses. Before becoming the active user of this site, you first have to complete your profile and then send job proposals. If you are not comfortable with applying for jobs every time, then you can opt hourlies in which you mention how and what type of job you can do.


So according to the average reviews of PeoplePerHour and my own experience, the site is legit and not a scam. You can trust it and can go ahead with it using proper skills and keeping considerable things in mind.

I hope these Peopleperhour reviews will help you to choose the best resource for the income as well as job work. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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