Peopleperhour vs Upwork: Difference Between Freelancing Communities

If you want to make a career in freelancing work or just want to hire some talented people who can contribute to your business, then this technological era can help you beyond your imagination. Nowadays, it is possible to get jobs without even stepping out of the house. You just need the internet, and there you go!

There are many marketplaces available like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc. for freelancers as well as the employers. This article can give you some detailed information and differences about two of the leading marketplaces – PPH vs Upwork. Let’s start with the basic understanding of how they work!



PPH is one of the top leading freelancing websites by achieving a success score of 9.3  for all-around quality and performance. It is said that PPH gives 100% satisfaction to all its users concerning getting projects as well as on-time payments. PPH supports integrations with PayPal, Cashu, Qiwi wallet, Paysafecard, GiroPay, etc. for electronic payment.

Essential Features of People Per Hour

  • Free job posting
  • Free contest posting
  • Local and global freelance directory
  • Non-negotiable freelancers
  • Two way messaging and File sharing
  • Account management, Invoicing
  • Progress tracking and History
  • Seller rating, Escrow protection

You can use PPH on Windows, Mac, and any web-based servers. You can get the support from Phone or Ticket, and you can also get the live support provided by the customer care. It’s hourly payment schedule, and approximately 3 Million contractors are its best parts, which make it different than the other online marketplaces.


While PPh has the score of 9.3, the Upwork has a rating of 9.7 for all-around quality and performance and 100% for the client satisfaction. Upwork is a cloud-based global freelance job portal which can also be called as ‘Elance oDesk.’ Upwork has an open API provided for developers to create integrations with their applications or connect it to their work processes.

Important Features of UpWork

  • Need analysis and Job posting
  • Shortlisting and Browsing profiles
  • Review proposals
  • Chats, Send and Receive files
  • Feedback sharing
  • Work diary and Mobile access
  • Invoicing and Reporting
  • Global payments

Any Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and other Web-based servers can support UpWork. UpWork can provide full-time support via Phone or Ticket. It is free for both the employer and freelancer. And after that, UpWork enterprise plan is about $25 per month.

Why PPH and/or Upwork?

We have to agree that it is important to do comparison to choose the best and most appropriate portal for the concerning parties. These platforms allow you to serve your purpose in finding great jobs and intend to be a resourceful mediator, which can help both the buyers and sellers by providing information related to thousands of opportunities posted in a single website.

If you are an employer, then you can get hundreds of freelancers who are experts in a plethora of categories. Whether you have some simplest ideas or the craziest one, then also you can get the solution to finding someone who is waiting to be hired for his next job. If you are wondering whether that person you want to hire will work well or not, then you can also try their work before giving them their other projects.

Being a member, you can also assess their product details, including features, tools, options, plans, prices, and many more. You can also customize the options you want to keep in your choices and always choose or change your categories suitable to your business processes. There are different price schemes available like monthly payment, one-time payment, or quote based payment. Both are comfortable options for any small, medium, or the large businesses, as well as the freelancers.

PeoplePerHour Vs UpWork

Comparison Parameters People Per Hour UpWork
Founded in 2007 2005
Head Office London, UK. Redwood City, CA, USA
Contractors 3 Million (Approx.) 3.5 Million (Approx.)
Job Portals 3.1 Million (Approx.) 5 Million (Approx.)
Affiliate Program Yes No
Success ratio for appropriate talents/jobs High Medium
Ideal For Small and medium sized business. Ideal for the big business. It may get 5% service fee for any transaction more than $10,000.
Charging Fees PPH offer satisfaction guarantee. Don’t pay if you are not satisfied with the output. 2.75% service fee is compulsory.

Believe it or not, freelancing is the future. You can save a bunch of money and get a lot of work with some good deals. Many people nowadays look for a freelancer using freelancing sites related to Fiverr, but unable to find one on which they can start. I hope difference between UpWork vs PeoplePerHour will help in solving such confusions.

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