Toptal Vs Upwork: Get Best Alternatives to Grow Your Business

This is the era of technology, where the inventions are at the peak and still growing forward. Now, it is possible not to go office every day and work from home or wherever you are staying, thanks to the internet. It is commonly known as freelancing, and most of the time, it is not bounded by the schedule of 9 to 5 jobs.

There are many freelance platforms available online which helps the companies as well as the freelancers to stay connected with each other for different projects. They allow self-employed or independent professionals to create profiles, share work portfolio, and stay connected with the potential employers regarding their skills, experience, and interest. In this article, we will know about some fantastic platforms for all of the freelancers around the world.

You must have heard about some favorite sites like Fiverr, Upwork,, People Per Hour, Toptal, etc. There are many articles and detailed reviews about all of these sites where we can get amazing freelancing work. Here, I am going to compare two leading platforms – Toptal vs Upwork.

Toptal vs Upwork

We have to compare a lot of internal and external things if we want to compare these two! Both of the sites have their own set of pros and cons. So, if you want to know which one is the most suitable for you, let’s see some clear comparison between Toptal and Upwork.

Comparison Table of Toptal and Upwork

Comparison Based On Upwork Toptal
Establishment 2015 2010
Launched Services Upwork Pro Toptal Designers
Pricing Methods Hourly Rates Hourly Rates, Part time, Full time
Fees Wide range (Not provided) Between $60 to $200 and more.
Lower Range $10 per hour $60 per hour
Vetting & Matching Process No Language test, Personality test, Skill review, Live screening, Test projects
Matching Process Time Ranges between 1 day to 3 weeks
Bidding System Yes No
Trial Period No trial period Upto 15 days. If satisfied with the results, pay for the trial period and continue working with the freelancer.
Assistance Upwork will give no manager or any support If required and requested, project manager or a team of developers and designers can be given for the assistance
Joining Fees Totally Free Does not provide Free sign up
Rating Score 9.7 9.3
Applicable Devices Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Web-based Windows, Mac, Web-based
Email Address [email protected] [email protected]
Phone No. +1-630-316-7500 +1-888-604-3188

Apart from all of these points, there are some other differences which are as under;

  • The prime focus of Upwork regards Interview, Hiring, Working with freelancers and agencies with little to no assistance, while the Toptal prime focus is only related to Software, Design, Financial services.
  • As a freelancer, if you are covered under the category of Designers, Programmers & Developers, Content writers, Translators, Sales & marketing as well as Finance professionals, you can get many projects from Upwork. The Toptal only provides work to the Developers, Designers, and Finance professionals.
  • The Upwork has the facility of entirely free signup. Any freelancer can join Upwork without paying a single penny, while Toptal does not allow any subscription for free. As a freelancer, we have to pay $500 for a signup amount, which will be refunded once you or the company decides not to work with each other.

Similarity Between Upwork and Toptal Freelance

  • Both of the platforms offer the general freelance marketplace, where any freelancers can come and get work according to their interests.
  • Both sites consider the English language as their primary source of communication so that it will be easy to sign up and connect with as many people as possible.
  • One of the best comparisons is related to clients’ satisfaction. Fortunately, Upwork and Toptal have 100% client satisfaction.

The payment method is also convenient for both of the freelance platforms. Both of them accepts major credit cards or Paypal, but Toptal also allows bank accounts with ABA routing and bank wires as a payment method. The funds can be released when the pre-decided milestones are accomplished by the freelancer if he is with the Upwork, but Toptal billing schedule is different. It publishes fund twice a month as a typical invoice.

What is different in Toptal?

Now, coming to Toptal, in 2010, Breanden Beneschott & Taso Du Val founded this platform to connect worldwide freelance developers and corporate clients. It is mainly meant for development, designing, and financial fields. Not only this, unlike to other freelance networks in which anyone can join and buy/sell their gigs, in Toptal, only the top-class candidates are approved to join and sell their services. This unique working method makes it a complete different freelancing platform from the rests. It ensures that the people get best services from quality freelancers and no chance of being fooled by fake profiles.

Another feature in Toptal is that the client has to deal with the freelancer directly. No any assistance will be provided by the Toptal customer service team. This platform allows checking the expert’s profiles and hiring freelancers according to your interest, but all these will be done on your own.

Freelancing fees on Toptal

On Toptal, you can hire freelancers on an hourly basis. The range starts around $60. It can vary based on the skills and experience of the freelancer that you want to hire.

How can a freelancer join Toptal?

Unlike to most other freelancing platforms, where a freelancer registers with valid email and phone, in Toptal, the freelancer who wants to join the platform, has to pass through different levels of interviews.

The speaking, writing, and reading language abilities are tested by Toptal team. Their problem-solving skills and the knowledge for technical matters also analyzed. Other freelancers who already on the platform, scan the domain expertise, creativity, and problem-solving capability of the new candidates. Finally, the joining freelancer has to complete the real-world test projects.

Toptal Freelance Screening

Why people love to do work with freelancers is because it can easily save up to 50% of the cost to complete a particular project. Although, Toptal invests a lot in the screening process. Their vetting process looks like this;

  1. Language and Personality – Every applicant must have the necessary knowledge of English so that they can easily read, write, and speak English.
  2. Skill Review – The aptitude test, as well as the technical knowledge test, must be given by the applicants. They should possess problem-solving abilities.
  3. Live Screening – All the applicants are screened by others for their excellence, experience, and creativity.
  4. Test Projects – Some real projects will be given to the applicants to show their ability on site.

Thus, Toptal vetting process focuses on; Developers to review sample code, algorithm skills, and the fundamentals of computer science; Designers to review portfolios, design skills and basics; and Financial experts to discuss past project experience, sample outputs, and analysis skills. If the applicant has his network, then the matching process can be completed in the shorter time. Otherwise, it can take time between a day to three weeks.

I hope this detailed review of the toptal alternative is helpful to you. Here one thing to keep in mind is that the services provided by the freelance platforms can be changed the time to time. So, whenever you want to apply on any of them, don’t forget to check the original site for the latest information. Apply and get interesting projects!

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